8 - 29 -14

be my friend
don’t just be someone standing there next to me, that i call a friend.
be there next to me, even when we are apart, and never leave my side.
be the friend who is there when i call dramatically crying, that my heart was broken by someone i didn’t even know.
be the friend who cooks me noodles when I’m sad.
be the friend who never forgets my birthday, because ill never forget yours.
be the friend that knows everything about me from the real color of my hair, to my obsession with plants.
be there in my stuffy room, and watch the rain with me.
be the friend that makes fun of my nose.
be the friend that walks with me in the fog, to the graveyard at the top of the hill.
be the friend that steals me drinks at 3 am.
be the friend that always stays.
be my friend.